Only the Lanigans Handle Your Case

When you hire Winter Park Florida attorney Eric Lanigan or attorney Roddy Lanigan of Lanigan and Lanigan, only the Lanigans handle your case. Eric and Roddy work on cases together and they’re the people in charge of the case. They’re the people you meet with when you come into the law firm. They do not turn your work over to an associate. The Lanigans see your case from beginning to end.

Florida Law the Lanigans Practice

Eric Lanigan’s practice areas are predominantly classified as general civil litigation primarily dealing with business issues:
Breach of contract
Real estate
Anything business law related

The Lanigans handle everything within the business arena from contracts to mergers to business reorganizations. Litigation that arises out of business transactions between people. Litigation from legal disputes between businesses caused by conflicts that people have with each other in doing business together.

Roddy Lanigan handles complex immigration practice. Everything from an E-1 visa all the way down to an L-visa. We set up American divisions of Latin American companies from:
Argentina Chile

Does Your Attorney Have the Experience to Win a Case?

Winter Park Florida attorney Eric Lanigan says that more important that experience is: perseverance. Is your attorney prepared to relentlessly pursue your case?
That means never letting go of trying to reach a successful conclusion. Does your lawyer know how to handle a case and understand the benefit of settlement or taking a case to trial. Can your lawyer negotiate?

How Long Will It Take?

Florida attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan see clients in their Winter Park law offices to handle a wide range of complex legal situations. They answer an often asked question: how long will it take? Eric says that it’s one of two questions that always get asked and almost never get answered.

An analogy that best explains it is a boxing match. A reporter asks in a press conference, “well how long will this fight last?” The fighter says, “I don’t know.”

In reality, that lawyer on the other side is going to come into the courtroom and he’s probably going to be qualified and smart and he’s going to have thought through his case and so it’s not possible to predict how long a case will last.

How Much Will It Cost?

Winter Park attorneys Eric A. Lanigan and Roddy B. Lanigan explain there are straight answers when people ask how much will it cost? The final cost is unknown because there’s no way to predict or decide when a case will end. You bring a big problem that’s been building for years. Do you have reasonable expectations as to when that case will end? If a case is going to court or want to have the case settled out of court, there’s no way to know what it will cost because cases are unpredictable. The Lanigans keep clients abreast of costs and regularly provide estimates based on expected activities.

Florida Attorney Roddy B. Lanigan

Winter Park Florida Attorney Roddy B. Lanigan is a business and civil litigation attorney who is not only a skilled litigator, but an economist who attended the University of Cambridge. Roddy received a Master of Philosophy in Economic History, Honors Degree and then attended law school. Since 2007, Roddy has provided a wide range of clients with appellate, bankruptcy, business, immigration, probate, real estate and financial legal services.

Bankruptcy Outlook in Florida 2017

If you’re deciding to file bankruptcy talk with an attorney before you decide to file. Find out how the process works and whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You may think that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is what you want to file. Well, you actually don’t get to choose: your income level, cost of living, debt, city and county determine your ability to file bankruptcy.

Can You Appeal Your Case?

Can You Appeal Your Case? When you have a court case decision and you don’t like the outcome can you appeal your case? An appeal is not what many people think that it is. A legal appeal is an action where a client asks an attorney to dispute a case. However: the point argued in the appeal is only in regards to the law. A client hires an appellate attorney to write a legal brief identifying the law or laws that they believe were applied to a case incorrectly by a court. There used to be what was called an interlocutory appeal. That type of appeal was essentially anytime a judge made a ruling that you didn’t like you could file an appeal. If it was not the end of the case it was an appeal along the way. For instance an attorney filed a request to get documents from the other side and they objected and the judge ruled “no” you’re not entitled to those documents. Your side thinks that the judge is wrong: that would be an appeal but it’s not the end of the case it’s just an appeal of one of the issues along the way. And it is not going to be filed right then and there because at the time that was allowed, it flooded the courts. It was disruptive and held cases out. In an appellate brief, the judges are expected to review cases and read many pages of legal documents. If the attorney that is hired is not an excellent writer, familiar with the appellate style and length and arguments in...

Hire an Attorney In Person

Why E-Mail Consultations Don’t Work When you hire an attorney in person you’ll save time, you can get the case started immediately and you’ll get to know the lawyer. A responsible bankruptcy attorney, any attorney in any practice area, cannot assess what’s going on with your financial situation, your legal issues in a long, drawn out e-mail. Please don’t send an e-mail with every little detail of your case before you’ve even decided to hire us. Why? Because we can’t dole out legal advice via e-mail to a virtual stranger who has not become a client yet; it’s irresponsible because we don’t have all the information. First, we need a full understanding of what’s going on. We’re going to need questions answered and it’s more expedient to answer verbally or we could spend hours going back and forth by e-mail instead of talking in person and answering everything in minutes. That’s not the best use of any lawyer’s time. A conversation is always best because there’s time left for you to ask other questions about the law firm, the process, the case, the outcome, the documentation and more. Overseas Calls People overseas do call us and talk with us and we can do Skype calls or FaceTime to talk about property issues that have to be handled from a distance. We have clients in Europe, Asia and throughout the U.S. If you have an emergency about a Florida property or Florida legal issue. You should make call to make an appointment to get on a video call so that you can get to know us as if you were...

Which Bankruptcy Should I File?

Yes, filing bankruptcy is a choice but the Chapter of bankruptcy you will file is NOT. Choosing to file bankruptcy is a major decision and should be carefully weighed after talking with an extremely knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney.

Before you decide to file bankruptcy, meet with a bankruptcy attorney with the experience to know what’s going to be in your best interest. Then ask yourself whether the debt relief offered through bankruptcy will solve your financial challenges.