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Florida Business and Civil Litigation Attorneys Since 1976

Eric and Roddy Lanigan Winter Park Florida Attorneys

Winter Park, Florida, business and civil litigation attorneys Eric A. Lanigan and Roddy B. Lanigan have built Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L., into a law firm delivering powerful, ethical legal services to clients since 1976.

Eric and Roddy bring experience and aggressive representation with a personal touch to complex Florida legal disputes.

The Lanigans won’t back down from a fight but explain that while everyone says they want to sue the other side, litigation is a time consuming, expensive pursuit. The Lanigans know how to present cases to judges and juries as superior litigators who spend up to 80% of their time in Florida courtrooms.

The Lanigans provide clients with business and civil litigation, appeals (appellate) litigation, securities and investment losses litigation, real estate litigation, real estate transactions, white collar appeals, white collar litigation, bankruptcy, and immigration legal services.



Florida appeals lawyers Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan will tell you after reviewing the court judgment, court transcripts and doing legal research whether an appeal in your a case is worth pursuing. New evidence, a witness, a new suspect is not the basis for a legal appeal. An appeal is based solely on the application of the law as applied by the court. An appeal asks a higher court to review the judgment as applied in the lower court. The appeals lawyer presents a written brief to a panel of three judges. The appellate brief must demonstrate to the Appellate Court the incorrect application of the law in your case and basis for changing the outcome in your case.

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There are two common types of bankruptcy for individuals: Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for businesses and for individuals with high net worth and income that exceeds Chapter 13 bankruptcy requirements. There are completely different scenarios and reasons that cause people and businesses to consider filing bankruptcy. Occasionally there are legal alternatives to filing bankruptcy that may be discovered when you speak with an experienced attorney

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Real Estate Litigation

Invest in a consultation with an experienced Florida real estate attorney BEFORE signing a contract for residential or commercial Florida real estate. Most real estate legal cases the Lanigans see could have been avoided with a readthrough by a contracts attorney. Prevent litigation and protect yourself from loss or exposure. The Lanigans are Florida natives familiar with all the issues and challenges state properties incur. The Lanigans welcome clients from across the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, Central America. Hablamos español. On parle Francais. Florida commercial and residential real estate investors and real estate owners need a Florida real estate attorney for Florida real estate decisions and before signing any contract.

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Securities & Investment Fraud

Securities & Investment Fraud

Securities and investment losses attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan represent investors who have been defrauded. If you have had bad financial advice, lost money on questionable investments, or your broker didn't follow your direction you should talk with a skilled attorney. Lanigan and Lanigan work with clients defrauded by brokers who can receive significant revenue from the sale of annuities and other financial products to the detriment of usually senior investors.

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White Collar Criminal Defense

White collar crime is criminal activity in a business environment not involving physical violence or a weapon usually involving financial deceit. White collar crimes focus on money, fraud, hiding, stealing, deceiving, or abusing positions where money and finances are handled. White collar crime is devastating and there are many cases where people lose their life savings. White collar crime affects family businesses, investment funds and non-profits. White collar crime involves breaking business laws to steal or assets illegally. Examples are embezzlement, fraud, Ponzi schemes, senior citizen scams, professional licensure misdeeds and misconduct by stock brokers and financial advisors.

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Clients Around the World

florida-litigation-attorneys-lanigan-and-laniganPeople around the world hire the Lanigans to handle Florida cases. Clients from the United States, Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, Australia and Africa, work with the Lanigans. When in need of a Florida attorney to handle challenging real estate, civil or business litigation contact the Lanigans.

Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan are committed to representing Florida business and property owners, individuals and families in business and civil litigation, appellate law, contract disputes, securities and investment fraud, real estate litigation and transactions, white collar criminal defense, bankruptcy, and immigration.

Winter Park, Florida, natives, Eric and Roddy are passionate about the practice of law and have intentionally remained a family-owned practice offering the full resources of a 40-year Florida law firm. Eric and Roddy Lanigan handle all cases personally from the first client meeting through resolution of a legal issue.

Experienced, Aggressive Florida Attorneys

bankruptcy-attorneys-roddy-lanigan-eric-laniganClients want aggressive attorneys with the experience and the savvy to know how to approach a complicated legal problem. If you’re facing a legal issue and have to fight for your business, your property, your economic future, learn all your legal options by consulting with the Lanigans.

Ultimately, the lawyer you choose to represent you will know how many ways that a case or legal issue can be handled or approached. It’s important to hire an attorney who knows whether a case requires litigation or whether a case is better resolved in mediation.

Eric Lanigan has four decades of Florida litigation skill and Roddy Lanigan has nine years of Ivy League education and 10 years of Florida litigation experience making the Lanigans one of the top legal firms in Central Florida.

“People are either wholly at fault for their own business behavior that may have led to the legal problem, or they’re not responsible at all for the situation,” Roddy Lanigan said. “Please understand that when you come into this office our only job is to untie the knot to get to the legal issues at hand. There’s no judgment only resolution to the problems.”

Does your lawyer have the skill to discern whether a battle has to be waged in court or whether a solution can be reached between disputing parties through negotiation? You’d better know the answer and have confidence in your lawyer to defend and protect you.

“Is your case going to be successfully prosecuted?” Eric Lanigan said. “Is it going to be successfully defended? Do you have an attorney who’s not afraid to sit down and say, ‘there’s a real problem in your case and here’s what it is and here’s how we have to deal with it.’ You’d better make sure you’re confident in the lawyer you hire.”

Winter Park Florida Attorneys

Winter Park, Florida, attorneys Eric and Roddy Lanigan are passionate about the practice of law and enjoy litigation. The Lanigans handle your case personally from the first meeting through resolution of the legal issue. The father son law firm is committed to serving Florida business and property owners, individuals and families.

If you’re facing a legal problem and have to fight for your business, your property, your economic future, learn all your legal options by consulting with an experienced attorney.

A key aspect of any case is timing because your opportunities often decrease as time passes. Yes, it’s good to research, read and think about what to do with legal options facing you. Don’t wait wait too long to decide and choose wisely so that you’ll be legally well represented.

Formal Appointments Required

Be certain to call to business-and-civil-litigation-attorneys-lanigan-and-laniganset an appointment with the Lanigans ensuring the attention and time needed to review your case. If you’re ready to begin finding the answers to your legal problems, call 407-740-7379 to setup a formal appointment in the Lanigan and Lanigan offices located at 831 W. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, Florida.

E-mails will be read so when sending information from anywhere in the world to communicate with the Lanigans, rest assured the point of contact e-mail will be received.

However, Eric and Roddy cannot and will not provide free legal advice via e-mail. Every case is complicated and comes with its own unique problems that will make it unlike any other case. Your friend, your neighbor, or relative may have had what you believe is a like situation but that means nothing in regards to your case.

No Small Legal Issues

There is no such thing as a “simple” legal question or a “small” issue. The Lanigans will not provide legal advice via e-mail. You must contract and become a client through the formal process to ensure proper review.

Every legal problem the Lanigans address is handled solely through formal meetings required for consulting with new clients on each case. First client meetings, particularly those located outside Central Florida, may be initially be addressed through introductory phone calls, via Skype, or video conference if you are in another country. A time must be set with the office by calling 407-740-7379 because the Lanigans may be in court, depositions, mediations, traveling or in client meetings.

Retain an Attorney to Prevent Problems

“It’s easy and it’s cheap for clients to get themselves into very big legal problems,” Roddy Lanigan said. “A bad business decision can be made in a split second. When you come into our office with a troubling case you’re going to realize just how deep you’re into a legal situation.

“If people would regularly consult with an attorney on business and civil cases, there would be a 90 percent reduction of the amount of litigation in the State of Florida that’s occurring (besides domestic or criminal cases, bankruptcy and foreclosure cases). Ask an attorney for advice before you make a $250,000 or $2 million mistake.”