Bankruptcy Outlook in Florida 2017

If you’re deciding to file bankruptcy talk with an attorney before you decide to file. Find out how the process works and whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You may think that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is what you want to file. Well, you actually don’t get to choose: your income level, cost of living, debt, city and county determine your ability to file bankruptcy.

Hire an Attorney In Person

Why E-Mail Consultations Don’t Work When you hire an attorney in person you’ll save time, you can get the case started immediately and you’ll get to know the lawyer. A responsible bankruptcy attorney, any attorney in any practice area, cannot assess what’s going on with your financial situation, your legal issues in a long, drawn out e-mail. Please don’t send an e-mail with every little detail of your case before you’ve even decided to hire us. Why? Because we can’t dole out legal advice via e-mail to a virtual stranger who has not become a client yet; it’s irresponsible because we don’t have all the information. First, we need a full understanding of what’s going on. We’re going to need questions answered and it’s more expedient to answer verbally or we could spend hours going back and forth by e-mail instead of talking in person and answering everything in minutes. That’s not the best use of any lawyer’s time. A conversation is always best because there’s time left for you to ask other questions about the law firm, the process, the case, the outcome, the documentation and more. Overseas Calls People overseas do call us and talk with us and we can do Skype calls or FaceTime to talk about property issues that have to be handled from a distance. We have clients in Europe, Asia and throughout the U.S. If you have an emergency about a Florida property or Florida legal issue. You should make call to make an appointment to get on a video call so that you can get to know us as if you were...

Which Bankruptcy Should I File?

Yes, filing bankruptcy is a choice but the Chapter of bankruptcy you will file is NOT. Choosing to file bankruptcy is a major decision and should be carefully weighed after talking with an extremely knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney.

Before you decide to file bankruptcy, meet with a bankruptcy attorney with the experience to know what’s going to be in your best interest. Then ask yourself whether the debt relief offered through bankruptcy will solve your financial challenges.

History of Bankruptcy Law in the U.S.

Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and other countries were harsh on those who filed bankruptcy–no matter the reason. There was no leniency offered, no help, no rehabilitation for those who struggled financially.

The U.S. Congress introduced bankruptcy as a means to right and rehabilitate financial challenges that citizens experienced.

Bankruptcy in the United States: Part 1 of 3

Lanigan and Lanigan has provided bankruptcy support to businesses and individuals in Florida since 1976. There’s not a problem, issue or question that a client hasn’t asked. And every question is valid because before you consider filing bankruptcy, you should get answers relevant to you.

Every case is different and your friend, neighbor or co-workers shouldn’t influence your decision to file or not to file. Usually, it’s a very personal financial choice and a legal option that was created to provide debt relief and economic restructuring and counsel to those so that past challenges aren’t repeated.