Hire an Attorney In Person

Why E-Mail Consultations Don’t Work

Excellent Florida Bankruptcy AttorneyWhen you hire an attorney in person you’ll save time, you can get the case started immediately and you’ll get to know the lawyer. A responsible bankruptcy attorney, any attorney in any practice area, cannot assess what’s going on with your financial situation, your legal issues in a long, drawn out e-mail.

Please don’t send an e-mail with every little detail of your case before you’ve even decided to hire us.

Why? Because we can’t dole out legal advice via e-mail to a virtual stranger who has not become a client yet; it’s irresponsible because we don’t have all the information.

First, we need a full understanding of what’s going on. We’re going to need questions answered and it’s more expedient to answer verbally or we could spend hours going back and forth by e-mail instead of talking in person and answering everything in minutes.

That’s not the best use of any lawyer’s time. A conversation is always best because there’s time left for you to ask other questions about the law firm, the process, the case, the outcome, the documentation and more.

Overseas Calls

People overseas do call us and talk with us and we can do Skype calls or FaceTime to talk about property issues that have to be handled from a distance. We have clients in Europe, Asia and throughout the U.S. If you have an emergency about a Florida property or Florida legal issue. You should make call to make an appointment to get on a video call so that you can get to know us as if you were in the U.S.

But if you’re in Orlando or another part of Florida, it’s best that you come into the office to meet with us.

Why? Because if you’re in an economic tailspin due to an emotional divorce, a failed business, a medical emergency, you’ll want to take care of the bankruptcy with attention to detail from the start.

If you were sick, you wouldn’t call a doctor and ask for an analysis and over the phone, would you? And would you want to be a patient of a doctor that gives sight unseen analysis and diagnosis?

Talking out a case on the phone is not the best use of time. You really need to look the attorney in the eye and ask as many questions as you need in 20 to 30 minutes to get your answers. By then you’ll have an impression as to the level of legal work that we’ll perform. Likewise attorneys have to know all the facts before dispensing any legal advice.

You will be more forthcoming and focused on what you want by sitting across from an attorney and telling them what happened with your finances. After hearing what you want to do an attorney can respond to your questions and together you can resolve the debt problems by choosing a bankruptcy that fits your situation.

An attorney’s ability to assess your problems will depend on you answering specific questions. An attorney has to know what your economic goals, income, debts and assets are so that a bankruptcy plan can be put together to meet your needs.

A bankruptcy attorney needs your attention, answers, goals at one time to get a clear understanding of what you want to accurately offer solutions.

A good attorney is busy in court, handling depositions and the daily business associated with the law. If you call and want to talk, the attorney will answer questions, but time is better spent in a formal meeting. Meetings allow you and an attorney to sit down and focus on your financial problems.

A phone interview is impersonal and you’re not likely to share private income and other asset questions on the phone. There should be a comfort level and a trust established, first. That trust can usually begin with a handshake and a face-to-face meeting. After all, this is your money, your future.

Go to the Law Firm Office to Meet the Lawyer

Who’s Going to Fight for Your Case?

Take the time to go into a law office and speak with a bankruptcy attorney. Or for that matter any attorney you’re going to hire. If you’re going to be in a lawsuit, you’d better have

You want someone who will fight for you, work for you, take on your case and own it. Plan with you, work towards resolution with detailed

Price Shopping?

One of the first things that comes up and may be the determining factor for your decision on hiring a lawyer is the price. How much will all of this cost? Well, if you’re price shopping, go ahead and hire the cheapest lawyer.

What to Bring to First Attorney Meeting?

Don’t bring paperwork because they’ll ask questions and you’ll ask questions but the process isn’t handled all in one meeting. This isn’t a simple pay and go to court situation. Only you know your financial answers to the many questions the bankruptcy court will have. You know the basic answers without turning to bank statements.

You’ll want to know if you can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or whether a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is going to save your business?

If you want cheap pricing, lowest costs, this may not be the firm for you. You’re concern should be quality of legal skill and ability, the level of experience, the completion of legal paperwork, completion and accurate case filing and bankruptcy case management. Your concern should be whether or not you’ll be responsible for the bankruptcy work or will the bankruptcy attorney handle everything for you?

The last thing you want is a debt that was not included in the bankruptcy hanging out there. Accurate, careful and detailed bankruptcy paperwork and process is imperative for a complete bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is Federal law and held in Federal court and is not a process that should be handled pro se: without an attorney. Your finances, your future economic success and your ability to pay for what you, your family and your business need the knowledge of a bankruptcy lawyer.