Examples of White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a non-violent crime that’s committed usually to defraud, deceive individuals or businesses for financial reasons. Money laundering, embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, securities fraud are white collar crimes. Hire a white collar criminal attorney vs. a criminal attorney for these crimes.

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I’m Eric Lanigan, of Lanigan and Lanigan in Winter Park Florida and the best white collar lawyer has experience so if you’re charged with a white collar crime, look for an attorney with white collar criminal law skill. The first time I even became involved in what we would call a white collar criminal case was with somebody who was in the securities business. And they were selling a particular investment opportunity to their clientele, their financial planning clientele, mostly senior citizens. Well there was no doubt about what they were selling and the product was right there literally in black and white. I was retained by the criminal lawyer, who was an excellent criminal lawyer, in fact I would say in our area at the time was probably one of the top 3 or 4 criminal lawyers in all of central Florida in my opinion. And they brought me in because they said quite frankly that they didn’t know anything about the securities industry and there was a lot of the securities techno-babble that the prosecutors were talking about. He quite frankly had no idea what it was they were even talking about, so he brought me in as the sort of co-counsel to understand what it was this guy was actually being charged with doing. They asked me if there was an understanding of the nature of his business and what business activity he was actually involved in, did his activity fall within the purview of what was prohibited under the Florida Securities Act? And why either a.) what he was doing is not illegal or b.)...

White Collar Law Practice Area

If you’re considering a lawsuit against someone for securities fraud, investment fraud, embezzlement, a senior scam, an insurance scam, investment loss then you’ll need an attorney with a securities license and experience in the industry.

Pursuing a claim, a lawsuit against anyone who has committed securities or investment fraud where you’ve lost money on bad advice or deals has to be certain. You want to make sure that the investment in the lawsuit is cost effective or will the cost of the lawsuit exceed what can be recouped?

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You need a white collar criminal lawyer if you or someone you know is in a situation where they’ve either been charged with a white collar crime or they’re being investigated for illegal criminal activities said Winter Park Florida white collar criminal defense attorney Roddy Lanigan. Defining White Collar Crime Let’s say you did something illegal at work and it’s some type of white collar activity that might be criminal. Whether it’s dealing with a sale of stock that’s outside the law or fraudulent investments or embezzlement or something along that line. You do need a special attorney to take care of your case. An attorney who is good not only with criminal law, but very good white collar criminal lawyer who knows the complexities of white collar criminal defense. This is not like getting your friends’ kid off of a robbery charge. You definitely need a different kind of white collar criminal defense lawyer. There are many, many, extremely good Florida criminal lawyers when you’re talking about anywhere from driving while intoxicated to armed robbery to spousal abuse to any one of those what we would typically call blue collar or violent crimes. But they should not be involved in white-collar activity. White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney And the reason I would have that opinion is because you need to understand the business environment in which this alleged crime is supposed to have occurred. For instance, if it has to do with let’s say some criminal activity in the sale of unregistered securities, well if you don’t know anything about the securities business, the stock and bonds, and...

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I’m Eric Lanigan with Lanigan and Lanigan attorneys in Winter Park. I’m going to talk for just a moment about what we generally refer to as white collar crime. What is White Collar Crime? Generally you think of white collar crime as things other than robbing a bank, hijacking a car, kidnapping…those are not white collar crimes. White collar crimes generally refer to those things that are involved in some aspect of criminal activity within a business environment: Insider trading, bankruptcy fraud, those types of things are considered white collar crimes. Blue Collar vs. White Collar Crime White collar crimes generally are committed by people who historically wore white collar shirts and coats and ties and were in management. In the past, a white collar crime didn’t include use of a weapon and didn’t necessarily include jail time. And blue collar jobs were described as those where the people wore actual blue work shirts and were generally more in a workforce position. Please note that these are just job descriptions to explain the history of a white collar job vs. a blue collar job and not a judgment of a position. So that’s how historically that white collar crime delineation came about. Now white collar crimes tend to involve some aspect of business whether it be tax law, securities, bankruptcy, franchise, all of those types of areas where a person in a white collar job would work. White collar crime describes a crime committed without a weapon, but that is committed on paper or within a business environment. In white collar crime there would be a violation of some aspect of those types of laws....