How to Choose a Bankruptcy Lawyer

One of the first reasons to hire a bankruptcy attorney is confidence in their ability. The next would be to choose a lawyer you’re comfortable with and who has the experience in bankruptcy–specifically.

You’ll need to be comfortable because you’ll be discussing current debt, future earnings and planning your fresh start. You have to trust and respect the advice of the attorney and that he or she will work on your behalf for you. They’ll provide guidance, ideas and direction.

Winter Park bankruptcy attorneys Eric and Roddy Lanigan are passionate about the legal practice and treat clients as individuals with respect and compassion for every situation. Each case is thoroughly pursued to assure clients that bankruptcy and or foreclosure defense, mortgage workouts and litigation succeed and that every personal and unique set of needs is met.

When you get to the point where you will have to decide which type of bankruptcy you will file, you will have had some emotional conversations with the attorneys.

Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan are experienced lawyers who will carefully explain bankruptcy Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, you’ll take the Florida means test. You’ll talk over the alternatives to filing bankruptcy and the downside of filing bankruptcy.

Trust is everything in the decision to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

When Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan work with new clients they will ask you to come into the office for the first time without paperwork.

They’ll want to discuss and hear about your income, your circumstances, your future prospective earnings and what you want to keep and what you don’t want to hold onto.

Sometimes they’ll have to tell you that you can’t keep your home even though you want to keep it. If it’s not financially viable to do so, they have a responsibility to show you the economic effects that a poor financial choice will have on your future.

You may have decided you want to keep your home, your car and eliminate some debt from credit cards. Then a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you if you will have proof of income and can pass the means test. You will also have to listen and learn to control debt, spending and commit to living within your means after credit counseling.

in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, individuals get to keep property. Creditors receive less money than is owed. You, the debtor, offer creditors a payback plan within three to five years. This plan details all transactions and the length of time and payments that will occur.

There aren’t simple answers regarding bankruptcy because all cases vary greatly. There are two common types for individuals: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13; while Chapter 11 is for businesses.

There are completely different scenarios and reasons that people and businesses select each and as many reasons for filing each type.
The bankruptcy filing process with Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan guides clients through easy steps, with specific goals and direction allowing individuals and businesses to have a clean slate and a fresh start.

Regardless of what the causes and effects that lead you to a bankruptcy, emotional turmoil can be put behind you. Credit card debt, medical bills, mortgage and business disasters can be included in bankruptcies and some assets protected by Florida bankruptcy law.

Within several months individuals and companies who file for bankruptcy can regain a stronger financial foundation with the guidance and legal evaluation that can be provided by Lanigan and Lanigan.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be a viable option for individuals who are paying the mortgage for their home on time, but don’t have money to keep up mortgage payments. Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can make your mortgage more affordable by reducing your total debt to help prevent a future foreclosure or delay it for several months.

Chapter 7 is known as a liquidation bankruptcy, unsecured debt may be discharged by an individual debtor in order to obtain a fresh start financially. This can be a quick and helpful option for people looking to get out from under the burden of debt.

Obviously bankruptcy is a stressful decision but the right bankruptcy attorney can make the process smooth and streamlined. Consult with Eric and Roddy Lanigan and find out if the many choices you’ll have available. This comes from working with experienced attorneys and representation with a personal touch.