A Lawyer’s Experience Matters in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

It’s important to know a lawyers’ experience  if you’ve been in an accident and are dealing with a life-altering injury. 

Winter Park personal injury attorney Roddy B. Lanigan works with and Eric A. Lanigan, at Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L. Eric has been practicing law in Florida for 36 years strengthening the Winter Park, Florida, firm through partnership with Roddy in 2007.

Roddy Lanigan puts the full resources and legal capabilities of Lanigan and Lanigan behind every personal injury case. He works directly with clients who benefit from the one-on-one legal counsel and the immediacy of an attorney available in-person and by phone.

Roddy handles all aspects of personal injury cases and is the attorney who will work with you, the client.

Roddy Lanigan knows the status of the case because he’s handling its progress. Roddy is who you will speak to from the first meeting through its completion and every meeting and phone call in-between.

He is available for updates, questions and concerns. He personally calls clients and returns all calls within 24 to 48 hours. Roddy writes and files legal briefs, motions, pleads cases, completes documentation, researches cases, and prepares you for every part of the process.

Experience From 36 Years of Practing Law

Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L., have experience representing individuals who have been tragically injured or have had physical trauma that has affected their quality of life.

There are situations where families’ or individuals’ lives are changed forever due to an accident or a product failure. Then it’s up to the lawyers’ trial experience, negotiation skill, ability to manage time, billing and ultimately the outcome of a settlement that will determine your future.

Keeping Up With New Laws

Laws change continuously and you’ll have to rely completely upon an attorney’s ability to appraise statutes governing personal injury cases.

There should be in-depth familiarity with the many complex product liability and general negligence laws in boating, motorcycle or automobile accidents or faulty equipment.

The legal process can be long and frustrating. It requires patience and is time consuming. Ultimately cases will be settled out of court or tried through in-court litigation for clients.

The Personal Injury or Accident Checklist

When an accident or an injury occurs it’s important to keep careful records and document information regarding what occurred.

Recalling the details of the events, how you feel after the injury, medical records, pictures, evidence are important.

Accident Checklist:

1. Call the police immediately to file a report of what happened
2. If at all possible stay at the scene of the accident or injury until the police have your report
3. Seek medical care
4. Call your attorney
5. Take notes or record on video what happened
6. Write down dates, times, places, witness names, phone numbers
7. Take pictures at the site of the injury or accident and your injuries
8. Keep any evidence you may have in a safe place
9. Keep a daily diary of how you feel physically and emotionally
10. Keep notes on missed work days, doctor appointments, how incident affects you

Keep a note pad with you  So that you can recall the details of the accident and any events surrounding the accident to later keep and save to give to your lawyer.

Decisions May Determine Quality of Life

Tragically, sometimes, medical and personal care is needed for the rest of an individuals’ life. For personal and attentive representation by a lawyer who will see a case through to the end with a commitment to the most positive outcome, contact Lanigan and Lanigan.

There are times, when a case can be resolved before having to go into a courtroom. Preparation, insight, analysis, experience and planning decide what can be done in the immediate, current and long-term timeframes of a case.

Find out what to do first when you’ve been injured in a legal consultation sharing the facts and details of your case with Roddy Lanigan, of Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L. You’ll benefit from experienced attorneys who provide clients aggressive representation with a personal touch.