Be Prepared When Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Be Prepared for All Your Meetings 

After the recent economic meltdown a large number of people are falling into debt and are turning to bankruptcy or a debt consolidation program to pay off the debt. The number of people filing for bankruptcy or pursuing debt consolidation is constantly increasing.

When filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy people go to a lawyer who helps them pay creditors in compliance with a court-ordered repayment plan. Knowing how to file this bankruptcy properly with the direction of a qualified lawyer is important.

Winter Park bankruptcy attorney Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan will give you a questionnaire and find out who your debts are owed to in what amounts. They’ll complete all forms after you’ve provided an in-depth informational questionnaire. They’ll provide you with dates for any court appearances you must attend, and what counseling prior to filing that you will need to go through and complete.

·        Fill out all answers completely, accurately and according to the directions the Lanigans provide. You must provide answers honestly and complete all paperwork for the Chapter 13  as instructed. The more completely, accurately and promptly you complete your paperwork, the more quickly the process will go. Be sure to keep copies of all of your paperwork and do not give your originals away. You will not be able to get them back.

·        You will have to pay for and complete a session with a credit counseling organization and go through the first of two sessions online before filing your Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The counselor will ask you a few questions about your debt from the forms you have filed. You will be asked to pay the fee. You’ll then take a printout of your certificate which will be needed for the courts to the Lanigans.

·        Read all the information that you receive from the Lanigans carefully. Follow the instructions and do whatever is asked by the Lanigans. Attend all court appearances and learn about your repayment plan and for how many years you will have the repayment plan.

·        At the end of the bankruptcy you will have to go through the last credit counseling session. This will take an hour or so where you will need to watch a video and answer a few questions. Then pay the fee and print the certificate and its number. Send your certificate number to the Lanigans and keep a printed copy. You will get a letter telling you where you need to send this information. Take care of this right away. Any delay will effect the finality of the bankruptcy.

·        After you get the final documents from the Lanigans you’ll start making monthly payments to the Trustee. If you face any problem or come across any question, contact the Lanigans. If you are late, it changes everything. Do everything in your power to make all payments on time, every time without exception. There’s no room for error.

When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy follow the directions of Winter Park bankruptcy attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan. They’ll walk you through the process and it will be your responsibility to follow through on paperwork, answers, requests, credit counseling and finally making the payments to repay creditors in a timely manner.