Chapter 13 Court Appearances

When filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Florida, you may be required to make other court appearances in addition to your confirmation hearing. If your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan is drafted properly, your confirmation hearing will probably be the only time you have to appear in front of a bankruptcy judge, however there may be additional appearances required.

Reasons for Chapter 13 Court Appearances:

  • Confirm your repayment plan if you later amend it
  • Value an asset if your plan proposes to pay less for a car or other property than the creditor thinks it’s worth — which could happen if you try to diminish the item’s value
  • Respond to requests by a creditor or the trustee to dismiss your case or amend your plan
  • Respond to a creditor who opposes your right to discharge a debt (if claiming you incurred the debt through fraud)
  • Discharge a type of debt that can be discharged only if the judge decides that it should be (i.e., student loan due to hardship)
  • Eliminate a lien on your property that will survive your Chapter 13 bankruptcy unless the judge removes it
  • Reaffirm a debt that would otherwise not survive your bankruptcy

Consult with Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Eric Lanigan

You really need to talk to a lawyer for the best possible outcome if by chance any of these court appearances are required.

There will be judges and trustees who seem to be helpful, but many will also make every attempt to make your life difficult. They may bully you until you go and hire an attorney so do it before there are problems.

Consult with experienced Orlando bankruptcy attorney Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan of Lanigan and Lanigan for information you need to walk into court. They will make sure that you’re informed and won’t face any surprises.