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Experienced Florida attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan are partners at Lanigan & Lanigan a Winter Park law firm that provides businesses aggressive representation with a personal touch.

The Lanigans practice appeals, business and civil, real estate, securities and investment losses, bankruptcy, mortgage workouts, white collar criminal defense law in Florida.

Eric Lanigan has practiced Florida law since 1976; Roddy has practiced Florida law since 2007.

Together, the Lanigans pursue clients’ rights regardless of the forum and will negotiate, mediate and try to resolve the problem out of court with respect for time and for a client’s financial investment. However, if an issue needs to be litigated, the Lanigans will aggressively pursue your legal rights in a courtroom.

Aggressive Representation with a Personal Touch

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Everyone with a legal problem or challenging legal situation initially feels that issues can be resolved in court with a lawsuit. However, lawsuits are expensive and time consuming and can drag on for months requiring many thousands of dollars.

“Generally speaking, when you talk about suing a person or a business in a legal dispute, you’re talking about a major investment of your time and money,” Eric Lanigan said. “But when you get right down to it, you want the right thing done for you in accordance to your rights and your legal ability to resolve that situation.

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“If the law determines that your problem can only be resolved in court, then, the lawsuit will be handled completely, thoroughly, carefully with attention to detail, in a courtroom.

“If your issue can be resolved amicably, to your satisfaction without a lawsuit, then we will do that for you,” Eric said. “Some of the best victories are won before ever having to enter a courtroom.”

Eric and Roddy Lanigan will represent a client with the best interests of the client and client’s direction in mind.

“We review your options with you after talking with you to gather details, to learn what your wishes are,” Eric said. “We will talk with you about how we’ll approach the problem.

“If you’re in a no-win situation, we’re going to be straightforward with you and explain why something cannot be done or what your chances are in court. 

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“Justifiable legal actions are complex and we will tell you when you speak with us whether what you want is realistic,” Eric Lanigan said.

“If what you’re looking for is representation with your family in mind, your business and your legal challenges, then we’re the right law firm for you. We’ve got the resources of a large firm with the feel of a family law firm.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man shop, a family business, or a 100-employee company; you want an attorney who’s not going to back down. If you have to go to court to fight for yourself or for your business your lawyer has to have the expertise to get the results you need and expect. We have that experience and our many years of litigation provide us with the insight to know whether your expectations are realistic.”

The Lanigans provide clients with guidance and attention to all details in the practice areas of:

There are a lot a lot of good, tough lawyers in Florida. But clients need aggression tempered by experience; the ability to know if a battle has to be waged or if another solution or method can be used to reach an agreement between disputing parties.

Knowing How and When to Litigate

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The Lanigans are willing to fight, but more importantly the Lanigans know when and how to litigate. They know how to present a case to a jury because they’re experienced litigation lawyers.

Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan aren’t afraid of juries, but they know what juries can do. They’re not afraid of litigation, but they know how much a lawsuit can cost and how quickly it can spin out of control for clients. The Lanigans are aware of the financial commitments made by clients to address legal situations.

Lawsuits are Not Inevitable

In some cases it may seem that a lawsuit is inevitable, but it isn’t because there are often negotiation postures available to resolve and mediate issues without litigation.

When you get into any legal dispute it’s great to have someone who’s fighting for you. But the meter is running and clients have to be prepared for what’s ahead with a timeline and an end date.

Contact Lanigan and Lanigan to plan a formal consultation with Eric or Roddy Lanigan in the 831 W. Morse Blvd., office. Your situation is unique to your family, your business, your finances and your legal problem. Together the Lanigans provide clients aggressive representation with a personal touch.