Orlando Sentinel Covers Lanigan Case

Roddy Lanigan Winter Park Florida attorneyRoddy Lanigan of Lanigan and Lanigan is working on an interesting case that was recently highlighted in The Orlando Sentinel

The case involves two Orlando, Florida, law firms, one that sent Bar complaints about the other law firm all over the country but using another law firms’ address. 

A yet to be identified person sent 42 letters to 42 Bar associations complaining about Brownstone Law a Winter Park Florida based appellate law firm. 

The complaints contained false allegations of ethical violations. Roddy is representing Robert Sirianni, managing partner of the Brownstone Law Firm. 

Here’s the kicker: The letters were mailed using a return address of Orlando law firm, NeJame Law

According to the Orlando Sentinel article, NeJame Law partner Mark NeJame said no one at his office sent the letters. NeJame Law is working with Brownstone Law to help identify the sender of the 

Since the postal transaction was paid by credit card, Roddy Lanigan filed suit asking a Federal judge to force the U.S. Postal Service to turn over video surveillance and purchase records of the post office involved.

The investigation into these false allegations has affected both law firms. They are responding and cooperating with the many inquiries received from the various state bar associations. 

The Orlando Sentinel article says that a representative from the Florida Bar states there are no pending complaints against Brownstone Law or managing partner Robert Sirianni.

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