Choosing an Experienced Attorney? Include In-Person Meet

Podcast Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan

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Choosing the best attorney possible to represent you in a  legal situation is a complicated process. The decision process varies, but at the end of the day, everyone wants an attorney who will be able to deliver the legal defense to achieve the desired actions or results. It’s not possible to guarantee the outcome of any legal scenario nor is it legal or allowed to be claimed by any attorney.

To get to know more about Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan, please visit the Lanigan&Lanigan YouTube channel. The introductory video is called, “Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan Winter Park Florida Attorneys.”

When looking for the top Florida attorney, rankings, ratings, stories and websites will be carefully reviewed to see if what the lawyer shares and discusses online is clear.

Many people get referrals from friends, relatives or take the time to research online. No matter what is on a legal website representing the attorney, it’s imperative that you meet with attorneys before hiring them to ask questions and see if there’s a fit between the case, the lawyer’s practice area and experience.

Get to know the attorney because when it gets right down to how much the case or legal service will cost at the end of the research and referrals, the decision to hire a Florida lawyer is very personal.  Coming to a final decision is not easy. 

Winter Park real estate, business and civil, securities and investment losses lawyer Eric Lanigan has practiced Florida law since 1976. As a partner at Lanigan and Lanigan, with Roddy Lanigan, Eric explains a little about the philosophy of the Lanigan law firm.

Aggressive Attorney That Channels Aggression in Favor of the Client

“When you’re facing a serious legal issue or even the potential for litigation, everyone wants an aggressive attorney but in reality what the client really needs is an attorney to channel that aggression in a way that’s most favorable to the client,” Eric said. “Because many times, even if litigation seems inevitable, the lawyer has to be able to say, ‘is it really inevitable? Are there negotiating skills that I can bring into play in order to avoid litigation and resolve this case without going to court?’

Litigation is Expensive: Avoid Spending if Possible

“Because there’s one thing for sure: litigation is synonymous with expensive. Win, lose or draw, if you’re involved in litigation you’re going to spend a lot of money. Part of a lawyer’s job is to do everything possible to avoid spending the money if that can be done,” Eric said.

Lanigan partner Roddy Lanigan has practiced Florida law since 2007. Roddy talks about one of the most interesting cases that they’ve had. One where they represented over 200 plaintiffs in breaking up a major Ponzi scheme.

“It was alleged in that case that the defendants defrauded my clients out of millions of dollars and then secreted the money out of the United States,” Roddy Lanigan said.

“The case was interesting because it opened my eyes to the length that some people are willing to go to hide their crimes. In the end though they didn’t stop us from peeling back the layers of their fraud.”

Roddy said that generally he’s found that what makes clients feel comfortable is knowing that they can pick up the phone and they talk to the partner.

“They don’t talk to the associate, the paralegal, they talk to us,” Roddy said.

Lawyers Who Can Explain a Case in Clear Language 

“You’re not hiring an institution, you’re hiring two people. If you’re on the Internet looking for an attorney, the best thing you can do is to pick up the phone and call an attorney.”

Eric Lanigan said, “you want a lawyer who understands that juries are not interested in legal technicalities. They’re interested in having someone explain a case to them in language they can understand so that they can make a decision based upon their basic understanding of fairness and what’s right.”

Roddy Lanigan explained the philosophy to serve clients as a family firm that provides clients the resources personally.

“At this firm, we’re family firm, we’re a small firm. We’ve purposely made the decision not to go big. We feel our clients’ cases are best handled when my father and I prepare the pleadings ourselves and we sign them ourselves.”

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