Questionable Investments? They May Truly Be Bad

An accused south Florida man is alleged to have ripped off hundreds of investors for more than $3 million in five months.

The man was found, tracked down by police after many moves and addresses having relocated to Staten Island, New York. Edward Ozimkowski, 45, was accused in Broward County, Fla., of participating in a boiler-room scheme where he and 15 staff members sold real stocks that they were not licensed to sell in Florida or elsewhere.

The scheme involved the 15 people calling unsuspecting victims to pitch them on legitimate stocks in green energy companies. The problem lies in the fact that the group setup a fake company was called FMN Holdings and sold real stocks but were unlicensed. Fees were collected without a securities license and then kept by the alleged criminals.

The crew took the money and spent it without investing any of the money for clients. More than 130 people fell victim to Ozimkowski and the team across the country from April to September in 2009.

The stock sold by the phony company was legitimate: Green LED Technology, an LED lighting seller based in Dania, Fla., and Helix Wind Inc., a California-based seller of wind turbines, according to authorities.

Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan have represented clients who have lost money invested by investors or investment firms who have pulled the wool over the eyes of innocent people who have entrusted investors with their money and have been ripped off in the following ways:

Fraud and misrepresentation of information: Investors may overpromise results on returns on investment by leaving out key details or misrepresenting, or fraudulently suggesting that more could be made than is realistic.

–Negligent advice on unsuitable investments: Brokers can receive high returns by selling financial products which may not be suitable for senior investors, non-risk taking investors or other people who need stable performing investments.

There are many investment scenarios that may seem risky, unusual, unwise, shaky or sudden. If you’re not certain of what’s being performed by the investment agent you’re working with, consult with an attorney experienced in securities and investments and fraud.