How to Know if Your Lawyer is Working Your Legal Case

Eric Lanigan is an attorney in Winter Park Florida, with Lanigan and Lanigan. He’s been practicing law for 36 years does a great deal of real estate litigation which involves foreclosure litigation which is something in the news a great deal these days.

“Avery disturbing course of events occurred over the last few days,” said Eric Lanigan who is litigating foreclosure cases. “I had three different people come to me all who had been represented by the same attorney and they all sort of told me the same story independently of each other didn’t even know each other. In terms of nothing was getting done,they didn’t know what was going on and now they were told they had to move into a whole new plan.

“I went and pulled up the docket for each of those cases and found out that out of the three cases the attorney had only filed one pleading one document in one out of the three cases. Now of course they had all “run their course” and it was time to move onto “Plan B” because of course nothing had been done.

“So I wanted to give a minute about how do you follow up to see what’s going on in your case how do you follow up or even so much as how do you first determine who to hire in this situation?

“First of all I’ll give you the basics on who to hire: You want to look them up on the Internet. You want to check with The Florida Bar. You can go to the Florida Bar web page. You can find an attorney and one thing they’ll tell you is whether they’ve had any disciplinary experience or problems in the last ten years.

“Another thing you can do once you’re in the case is any county in the state of Florida I know that can go to the clerk of the court website they all look a little bit different but you find the link to the civil cases and if you know your case, the docket is the list of all the things that have been filed in your case in chronological order. You can’t see the document itself but you can typically see what it is and who filed it.

“So if you can go on there and you can see what if anything has been filed either by the bank’s attorneys by your attorney, by the homeowner’s association attorney and you can get some kind of a feel for what’s going on in the case.

“So I would highly recommend to anybody if you are in a foreclosure action or for that matter if your in any kind of litigation and you have any doubts as to what’s going on in the case, go to the clerk’s website, pull up the docket and see what it says and then talk to your attorney and compare what you hear from the attorney vs. what you see on the docket and see if there are inconsistencies or questions you need to be asking about why is something filed or why does there not appear to be anything filed.

“Now there may be a reason. But you have a right to know what that is.”

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