Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Roddy Lanigan

The best time to contact a criminal defense attorneyis immediately after an arrest or upon being asked to come in for questioning by a police officer or a detective.

If you are taken into custody for questioning, don’t answer any questions. You should not subject yourself to scrutiny or a situation where you are being asked questions about a crime without having first spoken to an attorney. C0ntact Orlando Florida criminal defense attorney Roddy Lanigan. 

Don’t Answer Any Questions Without An Attorney

What you may consider as being honest by speaking with police or a detective, may not be the best choice. An experienced attorney will be able to tell you if you should be answering questions by the police.

You don’t know what the officers or detectives motives are. You don’t know the proper way to answer a question without inadvertently incriminating yourself. You don’t know if you should respond with yes or no answers or give complex responses.

You may be nervous and unsure of how to answer. You may not understand the questions that will be asked of you. All of these are reasons you should ask the police officers or the detectives asking you questions for a moment to call an attorney.

Consult with Roddy Lanigan, a criminal defense attorney who has practiced criminal defense since 2007 at the Winter Park, Florida, firm of Lanigan and Lanigan.

If you have been arrested, don’t talk to anyone, don’t ask questions except to ask for your one phone call to a criminal defense attorney.

Calling an attorney does not indicate guilt. It demonstrates that you want to protect yourself. It shows that you know your rights.

You have the right to consult with an attorney whether you are questioned or arrested. So  don’t speak, nod or shake your head before getting a phone call to reach a lawyer.

How Do You Choose an Attorney?

No amount of planning can prepare you for the stress of being arrested or brought in for alleged participation in a crime. While you may feel anger, indignation, frustration or fear, you shouldn’t react badly by snapping at the officers.

When you’re scared, intimidated or frantically trying to determine how to proceed, take a deep breath and open the phone book. Don’t just pick the first alphabetical listing, the largest ad in the Yellow Pages, a catchy name, or someone whose name sounds familiar because it was heard on TV, radio or you recall the name from a billboard.

Who Do You Want to Represent You?

1. An attorney who practices law in the area in which you are involved.
2. A lawyer who is experienced in the type of law that you are involved in.
3. An attorney who has a speciality in the area of law in which you are involved.
4. A phone number that indicates that calls are answered 24 hours a day.
5. You may unable to reach your first choice. So go through the selection process again until you are able to select someone who you feel confident in hiring.
6. Don’t take a number from anyone in the holding cell, or from a stranger. Your first instinct is to panic. While it may be impossible to relax, you have to keep your head and think as clearly as possible. In a rational state of mind you would not ordinarily take the recommendation of a stranger. In the midst of a crisis, don’t cave and make a bad decision

Try to Remain Calm, Think Clearly

Do your best to remain relaxed so that you can make a good decision in a crisis. Think clearly. Act cautiously. Decide carefully who you would be best represented by in a legal situation. Dial, call and speak slowly and carefully. While you may panic and want to spill the story as quickly as possible, slow down. You need to get information on how to and what to respond to.

Orlando criminal defense attorney Roddy Lanigan will tell you what to do if you are arrested for a crime in Orlando Florida. Criminal defense attorney Roddy Lanigan will walk you through every step that you need to take. He will meet with you and will consult with you over the phone to try to best handle the immediate situation you are involved in. 

You have to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are arrested in Orlando. Contact Lanigan and Lanigan. Experienced attorneys, aggressive representation with a personal touch.