Trademark Infringement Common in Social Media, Websites

Twitter, Craigslist, YouTube and Facebook have to be respectful of laws regarding federally registered trademarks. Trademarks are protected as part of domain names, content and copy on websites and  social media websites. If you use or someone has used trademarked items without being authorized to do so as a third party it is punishable by law.

Use of Trademarked Names Online

Social networking websites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Craigslist have been dealing with national brands and companies that launched campaigns to stop unauthorized use of  trademarked names on online. Individuals who use trademarked information thinking it’s just a mention or that everyone is doing it should be cautioned: Illegal use is illegal use. If you don’t have written and formal approval by the owner of trademarked content you may not use it.

With the popularity of these websites of people networking with friends and colleagues and conducting business, companies monitor them more heavily for misuses and will notice and can capture the unauthorized use of a trademark on these sites.

There are systems in place for making targeted complaints to remove infringing content on social media websites. Facebook, YouTube, and Craigslist take allegations of trademark or copyright infringement very seriously and are quick to act.

Handling Trademark Complaints

Complaints reduce the number of unauthorized uses of trademarks and copyright but if you should find that an individual or business has wrongfully and without permission used your trademarked or copyrighted product, brand or image, contact Winter Park Florida attorney Eric Lanigan or Roddy Lanigan.

With 36 years of business litigation experience Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L., will consult with you to determine the legal process to stop use of your trademarked item and find out what other action may be taken against those using your trademark illegally.