Florida Bankruptcy Creditors’ Meetings Are Similar

Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan handle Florida bankruptcy cases from Winter Park to Miami and many cities and counties in-between. The one thing that they tell people is how simple the creditors’ meetings are in bankruptcy procedures.

Bankruptcy Creditors’ Meetings

1. You meet at the time, date and place indicated on the bankruptcy notice

2. Other people filing for bankruptcy are there

3. When your name is called sit or stand near the front of the meeting room to be sworn in by the trustee

4. Bring your identification

5. You answer that everything in your paperwork is 100% correct and honest

6. Don’t ever lie

7. Carefully read all papers before signing

8. Tell your attorney if there are mistakes or inaccuracies

What Will the Trustee Ask?

1. How did you price values on home or car?

2. Do you expect tax refunds?

3. Do you possibly have to sue someone due to a recent accident or business loss?

4. Have you made any recent large payments to creditors or relatives?

5. Will you have any possible inheritances or insurance proceeds expected?

Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan have filed bankruptcies across Florida. Your situation is not like anyone else’s situation so it’s important to consult with Lanigan and Lanigan, to find out what the options are in your case.