Don’t Max Out Your Credit Cards and Then File Bankruptcy

Fraudulent Credit Card Charges Are Easy to Spot

There are very serious legal consequences for individuals who spend thousands of dollars on a credit card before filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy attorney Roddy Lanigan warns debtors: Do not max out your credit cards and then file bankruptcy because you may face fraud charges which can’t be dismissed or waived. People overwhelmed by debt file bankruptcy due to high medical bills, job loss, accidents with injuries, high credit card bills (from legitimate expenses not shopping sprees), mortgages with massive late fees and balances due to high annual percentage rates.

Individuals and businesses have the right to file bankruptcy. If you’re going to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, do not spend carelessly and fill up your credit limit. Doing this will become a very serious issue. Winter Park bankruptcy attorney Roddy Lanigan can help to explain why this can be considered credit card fraud.

Questionable Credit Card Activities

Do not:

  • Go on a shopping or spending spree
  • Suddenly buy luxury items
  • Spend after you consult with an attorney
  • Spend when card has been recalled
  • Spend a lot and then file bankruptcy
  • Spend up to your credit limit
  • Pull cash withdrawls to max out your card
  • Using card knowing you can’t afford to pay it, i.e., after a job loss

Some Debts Survive Bankruptcy

If a creditor files a motion in court to prove that the debt shouldn’t be discharged. For example, if a creditor successfully objects to a debt arising from your fraudulent actions or recent credit card charges for luxuries, those debts will be waiting for you after your bankruptcy.

Lanigan and Lanigan will work with you to determine what the best options are for your financial standing.

Bankruptcy may or may not be the best solution to your financial situation. There are many ways to handle your economic future. Be certain about your actions and consult with Winter Park, Florida, bankruptcy lawyer Roddy Lanigan, an experienced attorney who provides legal representation with a personal touch.