Personal Injury Help

Keeping Up With Changes to Laws and Pending Legislature

Laws change continuously and clients receive personal injury help from attorney Roddy Lanigan. He brings his knowledge and ability to keep up with laws and pending legislature to every personal injury case. He uses his knowledge and experience to appraise statutes governing personal injury cases and stay current on pending legislature affecting personal injury or tort laws. Roddy has in-depth familiarity with the many complex product liability and general negligence laws in boating, motorcycle or automobile accidents or faulty equipment.

The legal process can be long and frustrating. It requires patience and it’s time consuming. Roddy Lanigan has the intensity and the client support system in place to clearly communicate to clients the process, the timing, the strategy and the plans. As the case progresses Roddy will be straightforward and forthcoming with information and the analysis of depositions, hearing, filings and all parts of the case.

Ultimately cases will be settled out of court or tried through in-court litigation for clients depending on each individual situation because all cases vary and favorable outcomes, while expected by clients who have suffered personal physical loss cannot be determined. The best attorney for a personal injury case is an experienced lawyer who is honest with their clients as Roddy Lanigan will be with individuals who seek legal counsel with him.