Bankruptcy Paperwork

Orlando and Central Florida bankrupcty lawyers Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan ensure all individuals adhere to the truth on their bankruptcy paperwork. There are many rules that effect Florida property exemption laws and the Lanigans will ensure that clients receive protection from asset liquidation where appropriate.

Every person who files bankruptcy walks in worrying that they will have to give up all they own, their vehicles, heirlooms, collectibles, investments and that simply isn’t the case. States offer this protection for citizens which is why legislation requires all applicants to be a resident of any state before benefiting from its exemption laws. Anyone who attempts to move across state lines before the process will not receive that state’s exemption status.

Payment is Due Before Your Case Begins

Lanigan and Lanigan clients must understand that in order to begin the bankruptcy process, payment for the bankruptcy, and all its fees have to be paid to complete the bankruptcy process.

Prepayment is required for bankruptcy. An attorney cannot pay for any client case, nor may a client “owe” an attorney money in the midst of a bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy is a federal court procedure that requires lawyers to proceed with a court case on your behalf that cannot stop in the middle of the process. Financial problems may make this challenging however

There is a lot of information required by the courts in order to proceed with the petition such as present income, expenditures over the last two years, property bought and sold, assets that will be claimed by the applicant after the petition is filed and any property that may have been given as a gift in the past two years.

Information gathering for bankruptcy takes time and must be accurate. There is no getting around this and there is no way that the Lanigans can complete this for you. It seems extensive and it is. But in order to complete a complex legal process properly it is up to you the client to provide honest information, dates, debtors, amounts, addresses, account numbers, bank statements, copies of medical bills, divorce decrees, credit card statements. All of these things got you into the debt situation so you have to show proof that they occurred, when they occurred with attention to detail and accuracy. Without it there is no way for the Lanigans to show the court that you need bankruptcy relief.

Please note: No one is allowed to run up credit on luxury or other items within the previous 60 days before the petition is filed without paying for the items. So there are no splurges on clothes, trips and all the things you want that got you into debt on occasion.

Paperwork is the work in a bankruptcy and you must maintain honesty in bankruptcy. A very thorough assessment of personal assets, liabilities and earnings are very important to the court especially since the new laws have gone into effect.