Business Plan Comes First

If you are considering starting a successful business in Florida, remember that developing the business plan comes first. Business and civil litigation attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan see many people start new businesses with the start of every new year .

Make the right business decision by doing careful research, consultation with a business attorney and an honest and hard look at your economic and financial standing and future.

The Business Plan Comes First When Starting a Business

2012 is a great time to start saving for a business rather than going into debt to start a business that has nothing going for it but a hope and an idea. The best businesses have been carefully structured and established, financed and planned for long-term.

The challenge in making the businesses sustainable is a long term business plan with profit and loss projections for three to five years, asset protection, market solvency, competition and research to find out whether a new product should be launched.

Many times, individuals and groups who are considering starting a business would be better served buying into a franchise with an existing product and consumer base after careful consideration.

Attorney Eric Lanigan Helps Businesses Protect Their Assets

Protecting assets from potential creditors is important because any seemingly small financial distress can put a business into bankruptcy, sometimes followed by a complex foreclosure. If you’ve planned ahead, your assets are protected.

But what if they’re not? You’ll have to rely on an attorney’s ability to negotiate and have knowledge of Florida law in regards to your particular situation.

Proper asset protection is the difference between being sued or losing everything because it wasn’t protected. The goal is to be judgment proof and thus, still remain in business. A business can be restructured so that should a lawsuit hit it can remain in business.

Work with Winter Park business and civil litigation attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan if you want to start 2012 on the right path to a solid business. Eric A. Lanigan has been practicing law in Florida for 36 years, strengthening his firm through partnership with Roddy B. Lanigan in 2007 at Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L., in Winter Park, Florida.

The Lanigans are passionate about the practice of law and counseling clients facing complex financial and business legal situations.