How to Stop Creditor Harassment

When creditors start calling you at home and at work you may wonder how to stop creditor harassment and may even consider bankruptcy.

It may be from a credit card that’s late. You may not have paid your car note. Maybe you can’t pay your mortgage. No matter who you owe, you should call them to arrange payment or they will call you.

They shouldn’t harass you. Creditors can’t call over and over and over. But when they call, there’s things that you should do to make it stop.

How to Stop Creditor Harassment

Yes, creditors can be stopped. You don’t have to file bankruptcy to stop creditors from bothering you. There are laws that prohibit this.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Write to each creditor and put it in writing that you do not want to be called.
  2. Verbally tell debt collectors when they call that you will not pay.
    1. BUT before you do this, know that they can make one last request for payment.
    2. THEN they can file a lawsuit against you for it
    3. If telling a creditor to stop doesn’t work send the letter.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Lanigan and Lanigan

You may have made the creditors stop calling, but you still have a problem and need to resolve it. Central Florida bankruptcy attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan will be able to discuss the options with you to find out if you should file bankruptcy.
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